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Rain Barrels of PA

Why Collect Water In Rain Barrels

Rain water is a vastly under-used natural resource that we often take for granted. There are many reasons to collect rain from your roof. Because rain water is a naturally soft water devoid of chemicals such as chlorine it is healthier for your garden, landscape & indoor plants. By harvesting rain, you will create a smaller impact on your municipal water source and reduce the amount of water you contribute to storm runoff.

  • During the rainy months you can use the overflow on your rain barrel to divert water away from the storm system and into a permeable surface.

Who We Are.

When we first started this company in 2005, it was purely accidental. We owned a landscaping business and while hauling water to a jobsite (using a barrel), a stranger asked us "do you sell those rain barrels?". I was dumbfounded by the question and my response was "what rain barrel?". Needless to say, a business emerged and although our first couple of attempts at building the ultimate rain barrel were cave man like; we have since evolved as a leading supplier of water saving, earth-friendly, recycled go green products. We are a FAMILY owned & operated hands on business that takes a lot of pride in what we do.

Our FOCUS is to provide rain barrels to as many homes as possible, at an affordable price - Making our product attainable and sustainable!

We offer not only built rain barrels, but also raw barrels & kits for:

  • Community Garden Clubs
  • Municipal Programs
  • Do-it yourself Workshops

Our products have been featured here:

Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show

Grow Pittsburgh

Construction Junction

Whole Foods Pittsburgh

Scott Key Center - Maryland

Oglebay Institute - W. Virginia

What We Do.

All of the barrels we use are recycled food grade barrels, which we purchase prior to being disposed of in a landfill. Once the barrels arrive at our warehouse they are inspected, washed, tested for leaks and built on-site by us. Every barrel is unique in appearance and may have surface scratches due to it's long journey across the seas. Because of our hand-build approach, we can customize every barrel we sell; feel free to ask for custom options.

  • Fully assembled & ready to save water
  • Equipped with screen top-no bugs/debris
  • Brass fittings - spigot & overflow
  • Lock nuts & rings for durability
  • Available in natural colors - NOT PAINTED

Made from 95-98%

 Recycled Materials

Jeannette PA * 412-352-1161 * [email protected]